Since 2009, LISC1 and its predecessors has been a leader and innovator in the rapidly evolving market for litigation cost protection in Canada.

LISC Risk Management Inc. (“LISC”) is the leading commercial provider of legal cost protection for representative plaintiffs in class action litigation. Our cost protection arrangements were the first to be approved in several courts across the country.

In 2016 LISC reorganized itself to offer its legal cost indemnities as legal expense insurance, backed by two leading global reinsurers2. This new platform offered LISC the opportunity to significantly expand the scale and scope of our business and product range.

Our objective is to level the litigation playing field and facilitate access to justice for claimants represented by our law firm clients.

In personal injury litigation, LISC’s proprietary cost protection solutions have become the standard of best practice for many leading law firms across the country and LISC has facilitated access to justice for tens of thousands of accident victims to date.

1 Including its predecessors and affiliates.

2 Underwritten by Omega General Insurance Company.

To obtain LISC Legal Cost ProtectionTM, contact Trebuchet at info@legalinsurecanada.ca or
1 (833) 283-7399.

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