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Consent Order Confirming LISC Legal Cost Protection as Acceptable Substitute for Security for Costs

by Grace Tsang from LISC on April 9, 2015

LISC has been approached by several lawyers as to the defendant’s recognition of LISC’s Indemnity Agreement to settle security for costs motions or applications (see previous blog post: LISC Legal Cost Protection Successfully Used to Defeat Security for Costs Application and see Bobbi Kalsi’s testimonial as well as Paul Barrafato’s testimonial which both discuss security for costs).

Recently, one lawyer has been able to obtain a consent Order to settle such an application on the basis that an Indemnity Agreement had been obtained from LISC. LISC is pleased to have assisted this lawyer and client in this important application.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss how LISC Legal Cost Protection can be used when facing security for costs motions or applications.

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