The following answers to frequently asked questions are intended to assist lawyers in their general understanding of LISC and its products. Specific cases and exceptional circumstances may occur which require different arrangements than those discussed below as reflected in each policy. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions and for further information.


  • How much coverage is available?

    As little as $15,000 per file up to $150,000 per file of coverage is available – accommodating the varying exposures of different cost jurisdictions and file-specific circumstances.

  • Can additional coverage be obtained for specific files or closer to trial?

    The flexibility of our product offers lawyers the ability to double the amount of their standard coverage automatically (no file review or application process) for any specific file at any point prior to pre-trial (or regional equivalent) and thereafter subject to a file review. The premium for the extra coverage is subject to a schedule contained in the policy based on the stage of litigation.

  • Does the policy only cover losses resulting from a trial?

    No. Unsuccessful outcomes subject to the term of the policy.

  • What is the cost of coverage?

    The premium is a percentage of the amount of protection purchased (not to be confused with a percentage of the settlement amount or award).

  • When is the premium paid?

    The premium is only paid upon the successful resolution of a file. There is no upfront cost and no premium is due if a file is unsuccessful.

  • Is there an application fee?

    No. While other legal expense insurance providers may charge review fees, there is never a fee associated with applying for our coverage.

  • What are the reporting obligations of counsel?

    Other than providing monthly confirmation of protected files there are no other reporting obligations under the policy. You do not need to report settlement offers (made or declined), disbursement expenditures, or other developments throughout the litigation and there is no loss of control of the litigation by counsel or plaintiff.

  • Who is the Insured?

    While our policy covers both adverse cost exposure (of the Plaintiff) and (own) disbursement exposure (typically of the lawyer), the lawyer/ law firm is the policyholder, not the plaintiff.

  • Who pays the premium – the plaintiff or the lawyer?

    The premium is the obligation of the policyholder, however, in most instances, the premium for is ultimately paid by the plaintiff from the proceeds of a succesful outcome as authorized in the retainer agreement.

  • Is the lawyer an insurance broker?

    No. The policyholder is the lawyer or law firm; not the plaintiff.

  • Do the lawyer’s disbursements get paid before defence costs in a claim?

    The product gives “blended protection” for both (own) disbursements and adverse costs. As the policy holder, the lawyer/law firm determines the priority in the allocation between the two in the event there is insufficient coverage for both.

  • Does the plaintiff client sign anything?

    No. The plaintiff is not a direct party to the policy, which is issued directly to the lawyer/law firm.

  • What happens if the client transfers to new counsel?

    The coverage is not portable, and would be automatically cancelled if a file is transferred to new counsel.

  • What if the client has multiple claims? Is the protection per client or per claim?

    It is the lawyer’s decision whether to protect multiple actions of one claimant together (for one premium) or separately (with distinct coverage and a premium owed for each).

  • Are the plaintiff’s legal fees covered?

    No, we do not cover the plaintiff lawyer’s legal feels. Only adverse costs and disbursements are covered.

  • Is the firm obligated to appeal a loss at trial?

    There is no obligation to pursue an appeal.

  • Is coverage available for entire practice file inventories?

    Yes. Our Firm Protect policy offers blanket protection for a lawyer or law firm’s file portfolio. It features fully flexible coverage options, exclusive features and favourable pricing, tailored to the specific needs of each practice. Click here for more information.

  • Can specific files be excluded from the Firm ProtectTM program?

    The favourable terms offered under our policy reflect a commitment by the part of the lawyer/law firm to include all files, thereby removing the risk of “adverse selection” inherent in individual file coverage arrangements. However, certain classes of file can be excluded or covered for different limits.

  • When do I have to submit a file for protection?

    Under our Firm Protect policy, files must be submitted for coverage within 15 days of issuing a statement of claim.

  • What about files that are taken over by the firm?

    Files transferred to the firm can be protected provided they are at the pre-discovery/questioning stage. Those files that are post discovery will require specific underwriting approval to establish appropriate coverage and terms based on the foles stage of litigation.

  • What about specific classes of claims that warrant reduced coverage?

    The flexibility of our policy offers you the ability to obtain reduced coverage for specific file types (e.g. long term disability, first party-only claims, etc.).

  • Is insurance available for individual files?

    Our Firm Protect insurance product is designed to cover all Personal Injury files handled by the firm. For new clients considering the Firm Protect product, we are open to “one-off” requests for coverage of a specified file or set of files to allow the firm to gain familiarity with the product. Such “one-off” requests are subject to specific underwriting and approvals.

  • I have an imminent trial. Is it too late to apply for "one-off" coverage?

    Like any type of insurance, it is more difficult to obtain cover where the underlying risk is high and proximity to trial is a large factor in the risk assessment process. You are welcome to apply regardless of stage of litigation to see if the file is eligible and what terms we may be able to offer may be offered.

Service Partners

  • Who is Omega General Insurance Company?

    Omega General Insurance Company (“Omega”) is a federally licensed and regulated property and casualty insurance company, licensed in all provinces and territories of Canada, is the underwriter/issuing carrier of our legal expense insurance programs.

  • Who is Trebuchet?

    Trebuchet is a licensed insurance broker, responsible for distributing LISC Legal Cost ProtectionTM to policy holders and provides other broker-related services, as required. Click here for more information.

To obtain LISC Legal Cost ProtectionTM, contact Trebuchet at info@legalinsurecanada.ca or
1 (833) 283-7399.

Please click here for any other inquiries.